Signature Seafood Sauces and More!

Our signature blends of cocktail and tartar sauces are the perfect partner to your favorite seafood dishes.

Made with sustainably-grown chocolate habaneros that have been carefully cored and seeded for just the right amount of heat.

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Flavorful, Pepper-Infused Vinegars

Infused Honey That's Great for Grilling!

Made with 100% raw American-made honey, our Hot Tar® Infused Honey makes an excellent glaze for grilled chicken, pork, salmon, and more!

Use a brush to liberally apply when meats are almost finished on the grill, or use as a component in your favorite dipping sauce.

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  • Unique and Fresh!

    I've bought their products for years. From gift baskets to personal use -- I always love it! So unique and fresh!

    Amy M.

  • Perfect for Grilling!

    We love all the Hot Tar products! Just the right amount of heat with tons of flavor, making them perfect for grilling!

    Matt D.

  • Great Product!

    Great product and customer service! Love adding the infused vinegar on salads and the infused honey on chicken!

    Jenna J.

Our Hot History

Hot Tar® began as a hobby for growing hot peppers and cooking with family and friends. It has since grown into a passion for making flavorful infusions of sustainably-grown peppers into honey, vinegar, and other sauces that pair well poultry, pork, seafood, and more! Our products are hand-mixed and handmade to ensure the best quality for our customers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!