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HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar

HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar

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HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar Will Make Fish & Chips an Electric Experience! 

HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar blows the doors off your basic malt vinegar with an explosion of flavor like you've never experienced. Made with aged vinegar and 3-year aged chocolate habanero peppers hand-picked from our sustainable farm, this hot vinegar has our signature smoky flavor with a slight hint of sweetness from the citrus notes in the habaneros. 5 oz

Once you try HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar, you won't be able to eat fried seafood without it! It's a must-have for fish and chips, but also works great to add tons of flavor to your favorite fish sandwich. At 330-350 Scoville, it has just the right amount of heat that won't overwhelm you.

Great for Vegetables Too!

In addition to the traditional seafood uses, HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar works great for pickling your favorite vegetables. We use it to pickle onions, cucumbers, okra, garlic, and more from our own sustainable gardens. Simply substitute your standard white vinegar with our Hot Malt and you've got the best pickled vegetables you've ever had!

If you enjoy freshly made cole slaw with your seafood dinners, HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar is the perfect ingredient to take your cole slaw from boring to wow! It's also makes an excellent addition to your favorite homemade, vinegar-based salad dressings or garlic aioli. 

HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar Uses:

• Fish and chips
• Fish sandwiches
• Pickled cucumbers
• Pickled onions
• Pickled okra
• Salad dressing
• Meat glazes
• Cole slaw
• Garlic aioli

Made with Sustainably-Grown Peppers

The sweet, smoky heat in our HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar is created using our own sustainably-grown, chocolate habanero peppers. A chocolate-colored variation of the traditional orange habanero pepper, these peppers have a deep flavor profile that you won't find in any other hot pepper. We carefully remove all the membrane and seeds from the peppers so that they provide the best flavor with just the right amount of heat.

The chocolate habanero originated in Jamaica, but we've been growing our own since 1991. We carefully and responsibly maintain our own seed stock to ensure the highest quality fruits year after year. We also grow the peppers with sustainable growing practices, ensuring that no harmful pesticides or other synthetic products are used to grow these delicious hot peppers.

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