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HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce

HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce

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HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce is a Creamy Delicacy with a Touch of Heat!

Use HOT TAR® Signature Tartar Sauce on any dish or recipe that calls for mayo. The creamy texture and sweet, smoky flavor makes this an extremely versatile sauce for a wide variety of culinary applications. Once you start using it, you'll find unlimited ways to use it on your favorite dishes. 8 oz

Great with Seafood and More!

HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce pairs well with fish, chicken, beef, and pork. Use it as a dip for fried fish fillets of cod, grouper, snapper, tilapia, and more! It also makes the perfect condiment for seafood sandwiches or rolls. Lather bread liberally for a flavor explosion on your next fish sandwich, shrimp po-boy, or lobster roll.

In addition to the traditional seafood applications, HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce is an excellent topping for burgers, tacos, and steak sandwiches. You can even use it as a dip for French fries or other vegetables. It will also take your deviled egg recipe to the next level by substituting in the place of whatever mayo you typically use.

More HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce Uses:

• Fish sandwiches
• Shrimp po-boys
• Lobster rolls
• Salmon patties
• Tacos
• Burgers
• Baked potatoes
• Vegetable dips

Made with Sustainably-Grown Peppers

The sweet, smoky heat in our HOT TAR® Tartar Sauce is created using our own sustainably-grown, chocolate habanero peppers. A chocolate-colored variation of the traditional orange habanero pepper, these peppers have a deep flavor profile that you won't find in any other hot pepper. We carefully remove all the membrane and seeds from the peppers so that they provide the best flavor with just the right amount of heat.

The chocolate habanero originated in Jamaica, but we've been growing our own since 1991. We carefully and responsibly maintain our own seed stock to ensure the highest quality fruits year after year. We also grow the peppers with sustainable growing practices, ensuring that no harmful pesticides or other synthetic products are used to grow these delicious hot peppers.

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