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HOT TAR® Infused Vinegar Collection

HOT TAR® Infused Vinegar Collection

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A Collection of All Our Hot Tar® Infused Vinegars!

Our HOT TAR® Infused Vinegar Collection includes all our habanero-infused vinegars that are packed full of flavor and a little heat. Each of our infused vinegars has it's own distinct flavor depending on the peppers used and the aging process. From the smoky heat of the chocolate habaneros to the citrusy flavor of the red habaneros, you'll have a variety of options to take your food to the next level. Each bottle is 5 oz.

HOT TAR® Infused Vinegar Collection Includes:

• HOT TAR® Hot Malt Vinegar
• HOT TAR® Red Habanero Vinegar
• HOT TAR® Bourbon Barrel Aged Vinegar
• HOT TAR® 12 Year Aged Habanero Vinegar

HOT TAR® Infused Vinegar Uses:

• Fish and chips
• Fish sandwiches
• Collard greens
• Mustard greens
• Turnip greens
• Red cabbage
• Pickled cucumbers
• Pickled onions
• Pickled okra
• Salad dressing
• Meat glazes
• Cole slaw
• Garlic aioli

Made with Sustainably-Grown Peppers

The heat in our HOT TAR® infused vinegars is created using our own sustainably-grown habanero peppers. We carefully remove the membrane and seeds from the peppers so that they provide the best flavor with just the right amount of heat. We also grow the peppers with sustainable growing practices, ensuring that no harmful pesticides or other synthetic products are used to grow these delicious hot peppers.

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