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HOT TAR Red Habanero Vinegar; 5 Ounces

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HOT TAR® Red Habanero Vinegar is a Serious Heat Packer!

Each bottle is carefully hand-packed with a pickled bay leaf and an elephant garlic bloom, all grown organically in our local sustainable farm. Vinegar is always a consistent color and the resulting heat is milder than other specialty vinegar. The possibilities are endless.

Great for southern dishes. Excellent when combined with oil for a light salad dressing. Most recipes call for a single dash, but 4 dashes will add a twist to any dish.

  • Red Habanero Peppers

  • Aged Vinegar Garlic

  • Infused By Hand and Aged to Perfection 

  • Produced on a Sustainable Farm, Organic

  • 330-350 Scoville