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HOT TAR Habanero Infused Tupelo Honey; 3 Ounces

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HOT TAR® Presents Hab-A-Honey® Tupelo Honey 

Each bottle of Hab-a-Honey is carefully hand-infused and all peppers are grown organically in our local sustainable farm. Raw Tupelo is a southern honey and is considered rare. This variety is cherished by the locals of South Georgia and North Florida. Try this hot honey on pizza, wings, as a glaze on pork loin, and more! The possibilities are endless.

Great for adding some sweet heat to any dish or snack.

  • Smoky Red Habanero Peppers

  • Infused By Hand 

  • Produced on a Sustainable Farm, Organic

  • 330-350 Scoville

Hab-A-Honey was originally developed and taste tested for 2 years to introduce the smoky warm flavor of our habanero to folks who claimed they could not eat hot peppers. We start with a habanero with a 350,000 Scoville heat index. After carefully coring pods and cooking and storing the habanero peppers in seasoned vinegar for a minimum of three years. When infused with the Tupelo honey it creates the most wonderful, sweet heat treat imaginable. In 2007 Hab-A-Honey was entered in the 2007 National Scoville Contest during the Fiery Foods Show in New Mexico. Hab-A-Honey was awarded its own category as mentioned in Chile Pepper Magazine.